A Little Improv to Pass The Time


We all have those moments that we share with our friends and family. It is those moments that we cherish and can never forget. Life can be good when you make the most of it and create the special memories that will stay captured for a lifetime. It doesn’t always have to be elaborate either. It can be something as simple as doing chores or fixing things together around the house. Maybe you can paint the bedroom together or do some do-it-yourself plumbing upgrades without calling plumbing repair Kansas City MO to do the work for you.

We can sometimes take for granted the time we share with those we love. Everything can be taken away in a heartbeat and we are never prepared for it. So please check out this entertaining game that you will enjoy with your family and never forget the memories you captured.

I’m pretty sure you have read about the meaning of improv or seen an improv show. If you haven’t seen anything improv, I will give you a short definition on the subject. Improv live theatre with actors and actresses acting in the moment. The dialogue, story, and characters are made up from any story, scene or game.  It is all off the top off of the performers heads. “Improv” is a short version of the word improvisation it is all about acting on the spot which can be fun and entertaining. Life can be an improv show, when you think about it we live in the moment and do many “improv” things

But when you want to really do an improv game there is nothing to it all it entails is your creativity and humor. We are all creativity and smart, this is all you need to make a night with your friends and family an unforgettable one. So have your company over and set the game mood simply come up with a topic and go with it.

Now after everything is settled and everyone is comfy you start the game. I’m going to share with you my own personal improv game that I played with family and friends. To make it short and sweet because that is what it is all about. we would pick different scenarios or movie scenes and act them out while performing a trick. Once you think of your movie scene or scenario you pick how many people you may need for it. Once you explain all the rules and lay the stipulations down, it’s game on!

As they act out whatever scenario or movie scene you choose, all participants can shout a trick they need to perform while improving. Meaning if you want one of them to scratch their butt, pull their hair, make farting noises as they are acting out a scene that person has to do it. In my game when anyone didn’t follow the instructions the leader said we had to take shots, alcohol of course. There are no points involve with my version, but if you want you can add anything you want to it. That is the beauty of the improv world, anything goes!

I guarantee that you will have one heck of time with this improv game. I hope this article has been informative and well explained for you. Once you get the hang of it you will have a blast and maybe you can be a future movie star.