What Is Improv?

unscriptedWhat comes to your mind when you think of acting in the moment? Does a specific word, show or phrase pop into your head? Life is how we make it and sometimes we use our acting skills to get what we want. To actors and actresses in the world they use this special skill called improvisation,  known as “improv”.

Most actors and actresses have started out in this type of theatrical world. Some of them still work in this field and have entertained many of us around the world. They are so good at it that they’ve earned the right to ride around in the best limo service in Fayetteville NC not to mention any other cities they may travel to. So Let’s discuss Improvisation and how fun it can be when applied to everyday life.

I feel like life is one big improv session!

First things first what is improv? Most people don’t even know the answer to this question, but I will give you the best definition to help you understand. Improv; is live theater with actors and actresses acting in the moment. The dialogue, story, and characters are made up to form any story, scene or game. Most of this is done on the fly, off the top of their heads. Most improv performances are done on stage where the audience will throw out an idea, or any combination of thoughts they may have in mind.

The great thing about improv is that all these shows are unique in every sense, nothing is ever the same. Regardless of how many improv shows you have attend you will never see the same show twice. It is pretty much unlimited offering different plots, stories and characters. You will either will be left crying or laughing. The majority of improv shows are comedy based but they do offer drama based shows. The audience will be blessed to watch different forms of acting on a high level.

The skill is on a high level, just think about it their is no script or rehearsal it’s all raw talent. This is what gets the audience engaged right away. This keeps the fans keep coming back for more and more. For some it can be hard to act on stage and actually come up with their own dialogue or plot. These performers technically direct themselves when they are that stage. Of course they do pump themselves back stage before performing and they may go through some ideas but direction is all the actor.

The results that improving produces is a unique and spontaneous thing. If you have never been to one of these shows please attend on it will be memorable one. Like all things you would have to see it to believe the hype I’m throwing at you. I can guarantee that you will not be disappointed if you showed up at one of these live shows. The talent, creativity and soul these performers put into it is unbelievable. The experience will have you wanting to become an improv performer. It’s is all about making an entertaining story out of nothing and acting it all out to entertain the fans.

Think about it, improv is apart of our daily life you may not see it. One day you will find yourself in a situation where you are improving to get your way.